Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing Isle of Man

We offer a range of pressure washing services which include drive ways, decking, paths, fascia boards, soffits, exterior walls and so on. Basically we can and will clean any non porous surface.

We use a very powerful petrol powered pressure washer and a state of the art rotary driveway cleaning machine. This method not only does a better, quicker job but dramatically cuts down on the mess that stand alone pressure washing creates.

When we clean a block paved driveway unless advised otherwise by yourself or in the case your block paving has been locked together using a sand and mortar mix will will always re-sand the drive thus re-locking your pavers so they do not move or cause subsidence from rain water. If anyone tell you this is not necessary they do not know what they are doing or talking about as this is an essential part of the job.

We can also provide a sealant if desired. There are a few advantages of having your block pavers sealed. The sealant will help preserve and also bring out the natural colours in your blocks. It will lock the kiln sand cutting down on weed re-growth.

Pressure washing Isle of Man 2

So why waste these precious few fine days we have each year pressure washing your driveway and pathways etc getting soaked and lets be honest it isn’t easy work with a domestic machine. Let the professionals with the correct equipment and knowledge do the job for you, whilst you spend this precious time with your family or just relaxing. I think you might be surprised at actually how inexpensive it is to let us do the hard work for you.

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